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Wholesaler of Satellite TV Approved Products

We are one of few nationwide MultiChoice Approved Suppliers of Satellite TV products servicing the Accredited Installer. We supply all components for Satellite TV reception from Connectors to Cable to Antenna. Our prices are competitive for the once-off purchase and can be tailor-made for the wholesale buyer.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

We are a One-Stop-Shop carrying most products needed for basic and complex installations where our products range from a single connector to complete kits.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

We gladly Source Products locally or by import when required, be it simple or high-end products thereby simplifying the installers chore of shopping around.

Technical Support

Technical Support

We are happy to provide Technical Support over the counter; telephonically; one-on-one or in group sessions

Additional Services

Additional Services

We allow various payment methods and with the various banks. We deliver free within a 50km radius. Customer enjoys order fulfilment in 24 – 48 hours.

Square Plan Is On The Forefront Of New Technology

Square Plan Smart

Building smart home bespoke solutions for every client according to budget. We pride ourselves in the work we do to ensure customer satisfaction.
Working with a fresh system or existing, our specialties, automations, integrations and service is what your smart home needs.

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We supply wholesale quantities of single units & comprehensive PACKAGES & KITS at competitive prices allowing the Installer to provide the Right Product at the Right Price to his/her customer.

We proudly declare that our products are of good Quality & our Core products are MultiChoice Approved & QR coded.



Our qualified & experienced team provides one-on-one training, group seminars & virtual inter-active meetings for current & upcoming product lines.

Our personalised approach in all our training sessions ensures that the installer gains adequate knowledge on the subject matter, so he/she leaves with the ability to work autonomously

Personalised Service

Personalised Services

Our service is respectably personalised & we regard each customer with honour. As we are Accredited Installers, we recognise that some setups are unique. We interact with the Installer providing imaginative, innovative, sometimes “out-of-the-box” options for their residential, commercial, or communal installation projects keeping these solutions cost-effective.



We will gladly source products locally or by import if & when required.

Square Plan offers FREE same day & next day delivery service within a 50km radius. Our WHATSAPP & FACEBOOK groups include highly skilled installers & trainers allowing for almost instant feedback on hardware troubleshooting and user challenges.

A Leader In Satellite TV Approved Products

We were a well-established entity before Satellite TV was the norm in South Africa. Dealing with terrestrial signal and aerial systems we were able to understand the concept of Satellite TV and it was not much of a transition and we continued servicing the accredited installer. Today we can proudly declare that we are one of few nationwide approved suppliers of MultiChoice Satellite Components.

What Can We Do For You?



  • VHF Antennas
  • UHF Antennas 
  • DVBT/2 UHF Grid Antennas
  • Bunny ears
  • QR Coded Satellite Dishes


  • Smart LNB LMX501
  • Smart LNB LMX502
  • Single HD QR coded
  • Twin HD LNB
  • Quad HD LNB
  • Quattro HD LNB
  • Octo HD LNB


  • CAT 6e 
  • Speaker 0.5mm Ripcord
  • Speaker Cable 1.0mm 
  • Speaker Cable 2.5mm 
  • RG59 CCTV Cable
  • MultiChoice Approved Rg6 100/300m

RF Solutions

  • TV Link Modulators
  • TV Link/Remote Eye
  • DVBT/2 Modulators
  • Communal Multiswitches
  • DSTV Smart Switch
Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets

  • Dish Mounting Wall Brackets
  • Fixed TV Mounts
  • Fully Adjustable TV Mounts
  • Projectors Mounts 
  • Decoder Shelves
Other Essentials

Other Essentials

  • Connectors
  • Splitters & Diplexers
  • Hardware & Tools
  • HDMI Solutions
  • Networking Solutions

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Customer Testimonials

“Square Plan has been our supplier for 15 years and I must say the journey has been nothing but amazing. The relationship has grown to that of a family because besides the fact that they are our supplier, they have been the go-to company for tech support and advisors for our project designs. The service we receive is unmatched. Stock is always available, we get a constant update on new stock arrivals, specials, and great deals. Square Plan has been the catalyst is our business growth and we hope they continue to provide this excellent service”


“We as a business believe in using the best quality products available to our customers and that is exactly what we get from SQUARE PLAN we have been doing business with them for the past 3 years they are very competitive in pricing and very efficient when it comes to delivering service
Thank you Square Plan”

Teleshaw Electronics

“Square Plan is the best from the rest, affordable prices and technical advice anytime you need it.”

Muzi Connect Electronics

“I have been using Square Plan for over 7yrs. They are reliable and always there to assist anytime. Their products are reasonably affordable. they have been an asset to my company. Thanks, Square Plan.”

Aviwe Kuda Projects

“We thank Square Plan to always ensure we get whatever product we need in satellite installations by going all out to source it, keep us going.”

Kopanya Technologies

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